Blasting mats

Blasting mats should always be used to cover the blasting site in order to protect the surroundings against damage or serious accidents. Bergma blasting mats provide the best protection from the negative effects while using explosive materials: elimination of fly rocks, reduction of shock wave and noise.

Bergma is constantly working to improve the blasting mats and find the best solutions that no one else has thought about. The results are so innovative thus have been patent protected. If something really needs to be created, there are no cheap or fast solutions.

Our blast mats are produced from the most wear resistant parts of recycled truck tires and sewn together with galvanized steel wires. Every single blasting mat we produce now is reinforced with double wire on both ends and this pattern has been patented. The mats are free of wire locks that could cut the connections between boreholes. Compact and strong Bergma blasting mats differ significantly from all other mats in the market.


Today it has to be paid for a delivery of old, used blasting mats for approved recycling. Bergma mats last longer what means less purchase and waste. Save your money and time and significantly contribute to protecting our environment!

The norwegian company Kroon Maskin AS is one of hundreds contractors who blast safely using Bergmas Monster mats:

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A demonstration of how to use our blasting mats: